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<p>Snow Much Fun<br />
Limited edition canvas print of 75<br />
size: 48 x 69cms<br />

Snow Much Fun
Limited edition canvas print of 75
size: 48 x 69cms

<p>Last one buys the sweets<br />
19" x 27"<br />

<p> </p>

Last one buys the sweets
19" x 27"


<p>Don't Spend It All At Once<br />
Canvas Limited Edition of 95<br />
Size: 48 x 59 cms<br />
£700 Framed</p>

Don't Spend It All At Once
Canvas Limited Edition of 95
Size: 48 x 59 cms
£700 Framed

<p>Wait for Me<br />
Canvas Limited Edition of 95<br />
27 x 38cms<br />
£445 Framed</p>

Wait for Me
Canvas Limited Edition of 95
27 x 38cms
£445 Framed

<p>Daddy's Little Festive Helpers</p>

<p>Framed limited edition print</p>

<p>24x18cm (unframed)</p>


Daddy's Little Festive Helpers

Framed limited edition print

24x18cm (unframed)


<p>The Night Before</p>

<p>Limited edition print</p>

<p>46x40cm framed</p>


The Night Before

Limited edition print

46x40cm framed


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Leigh Lambert

Leigh Lambert was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1979 and lived in the North East until 1996
when he and his family relocated to Warwickshire. Leigh began to draw and paint from a very early age, in fact as soon as he could hold a pencil or paint brush. As he progressed through his school years his attention to detail in his drawings and paintings became very apparent and is subsequently one of characteristics that makes his work so distinctive. His inspiration for his early paintings came from his childhood interests, including landscapes, and in later years from his "canny knack" to capture a view, usually with a very interesting building being the focal point. You could say that Leigh is a self taught artist and has always had an amazing talent for drawing and painting as he left school with no formal art qualification.

However, for a short time he studied art at Tynemouth college of arts and Technology in the North
East of England. Leigh is a versatile artist and can produce work in both Watercolour and Oil paint.

He has developed a unique style of his own and consequently his artwork has been displayed in
galleries and Art shows around Central & Northern England.