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<p>Across the sand I<br />
Original Acrylic<br />

Across the sand I
Original Acrylic

<p>Across the sand II<br />
Original Acrylic<br />

Across the sand II
Original Acrylic

<p>Poppy Field<br />
original Acrylic<br />

Poppy Field
original Acrylic

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John Horsewell

John Horsewell was born in London in 1956. John has been painting full time for more than ten
years and has built a fine reputation during that time. His father, Ron Horsewell, has been a
professional artist for over thirty years and John has naturally followed in his footsteps.

He started painting professionally after studying art at college and his style seemed at first to be
similar to that of his father. However, over the last few years, John has branched out and established his own superb touch.

Galleries have noticed the resemblance of two famous artists in John Horsewell's work and he has undoubtedly been strongly influenced by John Haskins and Myles Birkett Foster. John Horsewell's blend of the two seems to produce very striking paintings, combining the impressionist style of Haskins with the fine soft colours and finer detail of Birkett Foster.