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<p>Limited  Edition of 295</p>

<p>30" x 30"</p>

<p>Framed £750</p>


Limited  Edition of 295

30" x 30"

Framed £750

<p>Venetian Glow<br />
Limited edition print<br />
Edition of 295<br />
Size 10”x 10”<br />
Framed £275</p>

Venetian Glow
Limited edition print
Edition of 295
Size 10”x 10”
Framed £275

<p>View Across the Thames<br />
Limited Edition of 195 on canvas board<br />
14 x 14"<br />
Framed £275</p>

View Across the Thames
Limited Edition of 195 on canvas board
14 x 14"
Framed £275

<p>Black Cabs</p>

<p>Limited Edition Canvas</p>

<p>30" x 20"</p>

<p>Framed £675</p>

Black Cabs

Limited Edition Canvas

30" x 20"

Framed £675

<p>Westminster Twilight</p>

<p>Limited Edition Box Canvas</p>

<p>40" x 28"</p>

<p>Unframed £995</p>

Westminster Twilight

Limited Edition Box Canvas

40" x 28"

Unframed £995

<p>Haymarket London</p>

<p>Limited Edition Canvas Board</p>

<p>30" x 43"</p>

<p>Framed £795</p>

Haymarket London

Limited Edition Canvas Board

30" x 43"

Framed £795

<p>Big Ben</p>

<p>Limited Edition Artist Proof</p>

<p>10 x 10 inches</p>



<p> </p>

Big Ben

Limited Edition Artist Proof

10 x 10 inches




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Henderson Cisz

Born in Brazil in 1960, Henderson grew up in a small village near Maringa. His talent for painting
was clear from an early age, but he never considered pursuing a career as an artist. Instead he
entered the banking profession and continued to enjoy painting as a hobby. By the mid 1980s
however, Henderson had become convinced that art meant more to him than banking! In 1986 he
moved to London in order to study painting, and to make his passion his profession. He has never looked back and now paints full time in his London studio.

“I love the effect that weather has on the urban landscape and must confess to a particular fondness for the rain! Not only does it cast interesting shadows and reflections on the slick sidewalks, but it also dictates the stance of the figures. Their slightly defensive postures and hunched shoulders lend a very specific, and to my mind curiously engaging, mood to the overall scene.”