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<p>Darya In Car With Lipstick<br />
Paper Edition. Edition size: 195<br />
Size (inches): 16 X 12<br />
Framed Price inc. VAT: £550.00</p>

Darya In Car With Lipstick
Paper Edition. Edition size: 195
Size (inches): 16 X 12
Framed Price inc. VAT: £550.00

<p>Flamenco I<br />
Mounted Print. Edition size: 195<br />
Price inc. VAT: £395.00</p>

Flamenco I
Mounted Print. Edition size: 195
Price inc. VAT: £395.00

<p>Tablado Flamenco 4<br />
Canvas Board.<br />
Price inc. VAT: £650.00</p>

Tablado Flamenco 4
Canvas Board.
Price inc. VAT: £650.00

<p>Study for Tango</p>

<p>Limited edition print on canvas board</p>



Study for Tango

Limited edition print on canvas board



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Fabian Perez

Fabian’s powerful and virtuosic oil paintings have won him international acclaim. His reputation
and the sheer impact of his compositions have established him as the most exciting figurative artist on the contemporary scene and his massive worldwide success shows no signs of abating.

Born in 1967, Fabian grew up outside Buenos Aires in a turbulent world of political upheaval
during the post-Peron military regime. Such a childhood could not fail to impact on every area of
his life including his artistic ethos, especially when taken in conjunction with his unconventional
upbringing. At the age of 9 Fabian became fascinated with the paintbrush, and using water colors
and tempera he painted original portraits of his friends and family.

In 1987 he set off on a journey that was to last until the the present day. He finally decided to
experience a different side of life in the USA, and in Los Angeles he worked as a busboy and a
model, and ran odd jobs for Universal Studios. With his days full, Fabian painted throughout the
night and considers this the most creative period of his life.

Fabian wishes not to categorise his artistic style as he does not want to limit himself or his art work.

His art is simply the passionate expression of his strong romantic feelings. Inspired by what is
known in martial arts as the Muga (empty mind), Fabian Perez finds himself in this almost
meditative state of mind when he is at work, and the purity of his creativity flows.