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<p>Vibrant Seas II</p>

<p>Limited edition embellished canvas</p>

<p>Framed 20x15"</p>


Vibrant Seas II

Limited edition embellished canvas

Framed 20x15"


<p>Vibrant Seas I</p>

<p>Limited edition embellished canvas</p>

<p>Framed 20x15"</p>


Vibrant Seas I

Limited edition embellished canvas

Framed 20x15"


<p>True Colours</p>

<p>Glazed Limited Edition on Canvas</p>

<p>44 x 22 inches</p>



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True Colours

Glazed Limited Edition on Canvas

44 x 22 inches



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Duncan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor is one of the art world's great innovators. Internationally renowned as the UK's leading contemporary colourist, he has a unique personal vision which he shares with us through his vibrant narratives.

The qualities that make Duncan great and separate him from other artists are his uniquely recognisable style and his sophisticated, avant garde technique. This technique is continually evolving and the quality of his work reflects his artistic commitment and personal integrity – he is a true professional creating powerful artworks for the 21st century.

While at first glance Duncan's dynamic paintings seem almost minimal, closer examination reveals previously unseen depths, hidden messages and a wealth of pattern and detail that has been ingeniously composed and woven into each vivid narrative. He says: "While I try to convey the energy and vibrancy of a scene, I also strive to achieve a sense of calm; I like the idea of communicating aspects that might not at first be obvious: the more you look, the more you see."

Duncan is at the forefront of pioneering new concepts in creativity, style and presentation, and he has created a range of stunning pieces which are beautifully and skilfully presented on glass. He says: "I’ve been experimenting with glass for a few years now. The paints work in different and lovely ways with the transparency and smoothness of the glass". In addition to his artwork, Duncan has published a collector's book, 'Making Waves', which gives a personal insight into his life and work.