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<p>Margate Harbour December Evening</p>

<p>Oil on Canvas</p>


Margate Harbour December Evening

Oil on Canvas


<p>Margate Harbour Streaming Light</p>

<p>Oil on Canvas</p>


Margate Harbour Streaming Light

Oil on Canvas


<p>Margate Harbour- June</p>

<p>Oil on Canvas</p>


Margate Harbour- June

Oil on Canvas


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Darren Lewis

Trained to Degree and Masters Degree level in Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University, my work currently focuses on the coastlines of Thanet and recent visits to Cornwall. My work
fluctuates between abstraction and representation. After many years creating abstract and semiabstract paintings connected to local coastal environments, some work submitted here conclude a more representational approach. Fundamentally, whether abstract or figurative, all my paintings are deeply rooted to place and location responding to the visual and its forms. The dualism between what I see and what I transcend onto a canvas with paint, without the notion of purely imitating nature but rather searching for a higher realisation of it becomes my need to paint. My outward observations, combined with my inward perception or vice versa of the seascapes of Thanet, provide me with a constant source of inspiration through its varied light, atmosphere and climate.