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<p>Everything's Sheepshape<br />
Signed Limited Edition<br />
Hi Gloss Resin with 3D Elements<br />
Image Size (inches): 20 X 29<br />

Everything's Sheepshape
Signed Limited Edition
Hi Gloss Resin with 3D Elements
Image Size (inches): 20 X 29

<p>Mr Toads Big Day Out<br />
Limited 3D Edition of 100<br />
Image size: 51 x 51 cms<br />

Mr Toads Big Day Out
Limited 3D Edition of 100
Image size: 51 x 51 cms

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Dale Bowen

Dale was born in Staffordshire in 1963, where he still lives. Always interested in painting from an
early age he went on to study art at Newcastle under Lyme college.

Says Dale, “When painting I like to use a variety of mediums as I feel the need to experiment and
master as many methods as possible. I sometimes work from crude sketches, as well as photographs as a varied approach allows for more creativity. Creativity comes from a number of different sources, observation or even conversation, inspiration always surprises me in the ever unusual ways it catches me. Although working in the pottery industry for so long and being creative with clay, it is always the joy of painting which is my first love and keeps me returning to canvas. The creative process in art is self propelling and sometimes all consuming, it comes in waves and has forever altered the way in which I view my surroundings.”