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Copper Creatures - Emily Stone

Emily Stone was born in Canterbury, historic capital of the ancient kingdom of Kent, in the south-eastern corner of England, in 1979. 

She attended a local village primary school at Wingham, and later the Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls until her GCSEs; after which she transferred to the Archbishop’s School, also in Canterbury, for her sixth form.  It was here that her love of art developed into a career choice.
"Copper is a remarkable medium: amongst the most malleable and ductile of metals, it has both strength and softness, it has colour and texture; it can be harsh and jagged, or soft and strokeable;  springy and vibrant or dark and massive."

Her work is not a copper replica of the reality; it is a representation of the essence of the animal, plant, or structure.

Over twelve years, she has developed a strong following of regular and occasional customers, including people of standing in the Art world, titled nobility, and celebrities; but she is still pleased to maintain in her collection smaller items like the smaller leaves, fish and butterflies which can be bought on a pocket-money budget.