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Kati Saqui

Born on Christmas Day in Malta, Katryn spent her childhood in Devon and Somerset, she became very interested in art at the age of 15.
I began Studying Fine art at Canterbury college in 2007. I am just about to begin my top up degree year this September 2009.

I like to turn negative things into positive things. I particularly like using misshaped irregular objects, which are considered less valuable in western society to portray aspects of the human condition and this perfectly imperfect world. Currently using chairs, tea towels a family members fight against cancer and my dyslexia to show the very essence of what human kind is.

The techniques I use in my work vary from screen print, cyanotype a photographic technique (translates my positive and negative interests), drawing, short digital film narratives and book art.
The style and materials is use are dictated to by the relationship to its content . It is predominantly conceptual, contemporary, graphic based which often develops into a conceptual instillation.
This year I have specifically designed and created miss shapened limited editions of fine art linen tea towels and tea plates, as a statement against how modern day living has seduced us into believing life should be perfect at all times . I also like to show the spontaneity of the human hand in the individual pieces.

Please ring us on 01843 292757 for more details on individual pieces

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outpourings 2

Outpourings 2

spoon chair

Spoon chair



Machine Chair

Machine Chair

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