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Nigel Rhodes
Postmodern Neo Luddite Screen printer:

Making artwork since 1992 and industrial screen printing for 35 years, Nigels’ mode of production for both is very similar.

His industrial work has inspired, developed and informed his aesthetic judgments, his materials and his current concerns as an artist. In his artwork he uses mass production methods and materials to produce one offs and limited edition prints. Since 1992 Nigel has had many and various insignificant exhibitions throughout Kent, he has recently opened with his partner (kati Saqui), a working studio, available for the public to visit during working hours.

Nigel also believes he has a degree in the Visual Arts, obtained through osmosis; living with Kati, while she studied for her degree.

Please ring us on 01843 292757 for more details on individual pieces

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beyond standard

Beyond Standard

blue tube monochrome

Blue Tube Monochrome

blue tube

Blue Tube

blue yellow

Blue Yellow


Gas Electricity Water Marmite

sunset over penge

Sunset over Penge





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