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Shane McCoubrey graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1993, with a desire to work internationally in art, fashion and design. Shane has gone on to work for some of the worlds most successful luxury brands such as Gucci, Ferrari and Louis Vuitton.

During his travelling Shane loved to study the colours and beauty of the horizon line at sunset and dawn. He was always sketching the landscapes and decided to turn his understanding of the earth's texture, form and changing colours. Through painting he found a way of expressing his awe for the unpredictable drama of nature.

Much of Shane's work has a dynamic energy of brushwork, uninhibited colour and overall glow emanating out from the central focus of the painting. This creates a constantly changing view of the scene that the viewer never tires of. Shane's unique range of techniques create depth shadow and texture, which results in stunning large original works and hand finished limited editions that make up his collections.

shane mccoubrey

Azure Skies

Tumbling Water

Sarsan Bay


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