Jack Vettriano - "The Red Room"

Saturday 29 March - Saturday 19 April

Lovelys Gallery are proud to have been chosen for the second time to host a new exhibition of rare and new signed limited edition prints by one of the country's most talked about and collectable artists Jack Vettriano. Following on from the success of last years "The Classic Collection" exhibition at Lovelys “The Red Room” is a series of previously unreleased signed limited editions showcasing Vettrianos more provocative, and occasionally erotic, series of work.

Also available to purchase during the exhibition is Vettrianos “In Thoughts of You” a signed limited edition print which is supporting the charity Maggies who offer free practical, emotional and social support to people dealing with cancer.

Jack Vettriano said “When I was asked by my publishers to pick an image that could be published as part of a fund-raising initiative in support of Maggie's, In thoughts of You, immediately came to mind. It’s about being lost in thoughts about someone - thoughts and memories triggered in the most unexpected ways a track of music, a scent of perfume. It's these moments tinged with melancholy that interest me creatively.”

{See our Jack Vettriano page for more details and a sneak preview!}


Anthony Giles Solo Exhibition
"This Place" paintings from the beaches, fields and marshes of Kent
Saturday 3 May - Saturday 31 May

The artist will be present in the gallery on Saturday 3rd May from 11am - 3pm.
Anthony was born in Ramsgate, Kent and attended Hartsdown Technology College before studying at the London College of Print and Design. His early career years were spent as a graphic designer and photographer for a local screen printing firm before progressing to providing illustrations for magazines. He started painting whilst recovering from 2 major back operations in 2008/09 and found inspiration in the local beaches and marshes near his home in Kent.

  Painting mostly 'en plein' and working up the painting back in the studio, he can often be found in the fields and beaches of Kent, capturing the beauty of sunlight sparkling on a river or a rain storm over a local beach. His passion for his subject is visible in every rapid oil sketch and finished painting and his use of light highlights his standing as a contemporary artist who captures a moment with such clarity and perspicacity rarely seen in today's artists.  His reputation as a landscape artist has grown, showing shades of Seago and Turner in his increasingly powerful paintings.

Anthony Giles says “As a painter of landscapes I spend my time constantly studying and sketching every colour, every cloud formation, every shadow and reflection of this ever changing world around me and then recreate that image onto canvas. For me light is everything in good composition. Above detail or definition transient light on field, beach, river or sea gives a painting depth and character, drawing the viewer into the piece and holding their attention."


Margaret Percival Solo Exhibition - Beauty of the Beast

Saturday 7 June - Saturday 28 June

A series of wildlife portraits in pastel and pencil by wildlife artist Margaret Percival. The artist will be present in the gallery on Saturday 7 June from 11am - 3pm.


I am a self-taught artist living in Whitstable.

Most of my working life has been spent in London, working for some of the UK’s largest companies in senior PA roles. All thought of art, my favourite subject at school and college, was put on the back burner until I was fortunate enough to swap my London office desk for a drawing board/easel. I have been painting the animals I love since 2007.

My work has been included in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries and also the Society of Feline Artists at their London exhibition. I also exhibit with the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS) in Hampshire. My work is held in private collections in the UK and overseas.

I work mostly in pastel and graphite from photographs I’ve taken at various African Game Reserves/National Parks and UK animal parks.

'Margarets "Sumatran Beauty" has been selected for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014 exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London between 2 – 7 June 2014.

 The competition was open worldwide to amateur and professional artists alike and the response was phenomenal.  The panel of judges spent many hours sorting through the hundreds of entries and were delighted that the standard has been extremely high.













Edward Waite Solo Exhibition - Urban City Life Saturday 5 July - Saturday 19 July

The artist will be present in the gallery from 11am - 3pm on Saturday 5th July.

Edward Waite was born in 1989 and grew up in a seaside town on the east coast of Lincolnshire, but he was later to develop his current style after moving to Lincoln, being awestruck by the city buildings and becoming absorbed by the new structural surroundings, the vibrant lights and the noise of the city. A massive contrast to his seaside upbringing.

His style soon changed when he started at University.  Painters Kiefer, Pollock and Kline were influences as he studied for his Fine Art Degree. Pollock’s process capturing physicality, Keifer’s surfaces marks and layering provoking mood and Kline’s gestural composition are all referred to as he paints.

 Edward says, ‘I work with urban scenes rather than rural landscapes as I see the countryside as a picture already created, however within an urban environment it is often necessary to create a picture of beauty using the architecture and cities in which we live and visit…’

Having been a painter since 2002, Edward’s style has now developed and has been greatly influenced by his travel experience around various cities. He has now become a full-time professional artist and his passion for art and travel remains as strong as ever. He is clearly stamping his mark on the contemporary art world.






Lovelys Open Exhbition 2014

Saturday 30 August - Saturday 27 September

.Lovelys Open Art Exhibition 2014 - An exciting and diverse exhibition by South East artists, featuring original paintings, hand produced prints, photographs, textiles, sculptures and ceramics from artists across the South East. The exhibition provides artists of all ages and abilities the opportunity to display their work to the public, possibly for the first time. All items are for sale to the general public. To enter, please see our open art page for details.










Paresh Nrshinga solo exhibition

Saturday 11 October - Saturday 1 November

.A stunning collection of original mixed media paintings by Paresh Nrshinga.

Within the wild, exotic and mystic beauty of Africa, the spirit of an artist was born. Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya and at a young age he moved to the UK. After numerous years of extensive travels he is now based in Radlett, Hertfordshire. From early childhood, Nrshinga was already absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions onto his sketchbooks. His travels around the world combined with his deep spirituality influence his unique paintings, which are masterpieces of original and exceptional talent.

Inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso, Nrshinga’s paintings reflect his flirtation with abstract expressionism.

When viewing Nrshinga’s work, the spectator can immediately perceive how strongly the artist expresses his feelings, memories and struggles. Through his passion for music he developed a unique flair of transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour and movement - thus, creating the most vibrant visual effects.

Nrshinga is a versatile and perceptive painter. His brushstrokes are free and spontaneous, concentrating on texture, gesture and ecriture. He delivers an edge through the recreation of the medium of paint and the exploration of new fields of colour and abstraction. His paintings are an adventure of self-discovery.














Lovelys Christmas Show 2014

Saturday 22 November - Wednesday 31 December

Our annual Christmas exhibtion featuring original paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture by acclaimed Kentish and local artists.
There will be the chance to buy lots of great gifts for Christmas including paintings, prints, ceramics and pottery and previously unseen handcrafted items by local artists.




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