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Katharine makes textile pictures, using recycled fabrics and a combination of patchwork, applique and hand embroidery. She works surrounded by fabric, which she uses like a paint palette with different colours, textures and patterns. She particularly loves using old cotton shirts and dresses, as well as old table linen; giving them a new life, in a piece of art work.

Katharine was born in Leeds but spent most of her childhood in Northamptonshire - about as far away from the coast as you can get. She graduated in 1994 from Manchester Metropolitan University where she studied Textiles and Ceramics. She moved to Deal ten years ago with her husband and now has two young children.

Her work is totally inspired by living at the seaside, she loves the fact that you can take a walk to the beach and never quite know what you will discover, the colours are constantly changing, it can be wild and deserted or full of life and activity.

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Wandering Gulls
Wandering Gulls


Rockpooling SOLD


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