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Born in Romania in 1957, Vasile Leondar had a difficult artistic upbringing, working within the confines of a strict communist regime. He gained a place at the O. Bancila Lyceum to study art but after a short time decided to break away from the confines of his somewhat oppressive academic training and indulge his independent artistic instincts.
This turned out to be the right decision for Vasile, as his unique artistic style had a chance to grow in its own way. He avoided the norms of the day and did not join any existing artistic group, preferring to concentrate on the development of his distinctive semi-abstract Original Paintings inspired by music and nature.
As Vasile himself says, drawing provides him with an outlet through which to express his feelings, and he needs to draw and paint in order to live his life to the full.
In 1992 Vasile lost patience with the bureaucracy and lack of materials in his homeland and moved to Brussels. This step made his life easier; finally able to set up his own studio he began to make his name internationally, and has enjoyed a number of successful exhibitions all over Europe and in the United States.

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  Poppies X 3
Poppies X 3


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