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At the age of 21, Lawrence's father encouraged him to have a go at painting and set him the exercise of copying a Victorian landscape. He gave Lawrence a few tips and pointers but then left him to get on with it.

Lawrence enjoyed the processes of trying to match his stumbling technique to what this old master had created, and the end result was proficient enough to encourage him to do more.

In 2003, Lawrence was awarded as the Best-Selling Published Artist by the Art & Framing Industry Business Awards, hosted by The Fine Art Trade Guild. The previous year, Lawrence also won the Up & Coming Artist award. 

Lawrence is hugely influenced by his local landscape. Living on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens, everything is dominated by the huge skies and endless horizons.

There are large empty vistas punctuated by just the trains of telegraph poles or the odd church spire. Dramatic sunsets amplified by the flat skyline are reflected in the wetlands, doubling the effect. Heavy stormy skies become even more threatening due to their sheer size. All of this has provided Lawrence with a wealth of reference material to draw upon.

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Empty Place Full Heart
Empty Place Full Heart
(Canvas Edition)

A Place We Love

Morning Light

Morning Light

The Last Rays

Fen Sunlight

Blaze of Glory

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